Friday, August 5, 2011

Bag Returned Life Goes On...

I spent my first night in Prague, sweating bullets over the thought that I'd never see my roller bag again...that I'd be without clothes, gifts and all of my cool necklaces. I caught up on my blog and waited around my host, Toni's apartment waiting for the airport to call. It began to seem so very unlikely that a non-descript black roller bag that arrived unaccompanied to JFK would ever find it's way to Prague. I imagined it would get sucked into a black hole and never be seen by me again. Finally I called the airport and they said it had arrived. I didn't actually believe them. I figured they were being nice to get me off the phone. I wandered around edges of Prague's old town, snapping pictures of this and that and eventually caught up with Toni (my host) just in time to attend a Toastmasters Meeting that she's active in. As I arrived at our designated meeting spot, she announced that an airport driver was about to deliver my bag. Her cell phone rang and within seconds we spotted a driver and lo and behold, I really became an intact traveller!

Toastmasters culture isn't me...but I went along with joining in on the meeting. The biggest net was that I connected with Pavel, a Czek Toastmaster who invited me to work with him on an interesting Internet Sex Education Project. (It's top secret so obviously I can't disclose details here...) All I know is that someday soon we'll both be very rich:)

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