Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole in Chisinau

Yup, that's its name:)

You never know how or with whom you'll land when you sign onto couch-surfing. Sometimes the host(s) become your closest friends and sometimes their worlds are pretty far flung from your own:) My current digs have the marks of mad-Russian artists and free thinkers who are oblivious to the thought of a nice bathroom. When I offered to take my host out to dinner he squinched and noted that the money I'd spend on dinner would better received if I took he and his son to the super market. We went to Hypermarket - a glossy mega market wherein they dodged the pricey pre-packaged foods and loaded up on rice, potatoes, onions, potatoe-filled pastries and a bit of milk. Three shopping bags and $12 later they seemed satisfied. The house is filled with Russian books, old computer parts, an upright piano and who knows what else. Looking forward to tomorrow night's hotel room in Odessa:)

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