Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Missed and Made Connections

My send off to Prague was a bit dicey in that I missed my first flight. I was sure I'd gotten to LAX with plenty of time to go through bag drop off, carry-on checks, body screens, but apparently not. I wooshed over to counter for my first flight (which was supposed to be from LAX to JFK) and was informed my seat had been given away and that I'd have to go to an information counter for help. The assistant went into high gear and literally threw me onto a flight going to Atlanta, telling me it would some how work out... I chatted up my seatmate who was attending a CDC conference on cancer research, read a book about exploring the remnants of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe and hoped for the best.

In Atlanta I found my way to the Delta information counter, a boarding pass was printed and I was told to go very quickly to a "now-boarding flight" to Prague. Fortunately I grabbed a slice of pizza because following the boarding, we sat on the runway and circled the Atlanta airport for several hours. I chatted with my seatmates who live near Poltava in the Ukraine where my Dad was born. Eventually we took off...and eventually we were served an unimpressive dinner of mushy pasta and salad greens (that were a far cry from my home-grown lettuce).

After sort of watching a couple of movies (one was about an Elephant trainer), I attempted to fall asleep in a semi-upright position. Then at the equivalent of 2 AM in LA (and 11 AM in Prague) we landed. I checked with baggage claim and was informed that my bags had not made the connection from JFK to Prague. I was assured they would deliver them to me tomorrow.... (do so hope they make it!)

Being unburdened by a suitcase, I caught a local bus into town and then a subway into the center of Prague. Soon after Toni, my couch surfing hostess who hails from Australia, met me and we ate lunch and then walked around town for awhile. After a nice round of sites, she suggested we go back to her place so I might take a (much-needed) nap.

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