Saturday, August 6, 2011

Out of Prague and Onto Vienna

Me and Doris
Doris and Elizabeth
I wound out my visit to Prague with attending an outdoor ethnic folk dance and song presentation. The dancers were all cleanly scrubbed and danced and sang just perfectly. The next morning I forced myself up early to catch a bus to Vienna. In Vienna I'm staying with Doris and her friend Elizabeth. Last night we attended a couch-surfing potluck featuring Indian and Asian food. Within an hour of my arrival I was assembling a yellow vegetable curry with cucumber yogurt sauce. It was an absolute hit with everyone at the event offering to host me so I could cook for them, too! Staying with Doris is a's as if we're all part of the same world of yoga, potlucks, travel and of course lots of girl talk!

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  1. Wpw, wow, wow what a colorful blog. Loved the selection of pictures. It says that you're having a super time. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Catherine