Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Kiev That Came to Me...

Being an enormous city with layer upon layer of intrigue and only a day and a half to visit, I largely surrendered to Erik and Julia’s suggestions. They hadn’t been out an about in years and took advantage of my need for guidance to see the sites. And for young Sophia, it was her first time to look at Kiev’s sites as well. I was taken way above to overlooks, to a monastery complex with many small temples, including several that were underground and cave-like. I looked over the main downtown streets and witnessed grandstands being set up for celebrations of Ukrainian independence on August 24. There was no doubt much more to see, including an open-air ethnographic museum, but with a baby in a stroller who needed regular diaper changes and bottles of juice and milk we saw what we did…and after nearly a month of site seeing, whatever we saw was just fine with me.

My hosts - Julia, Erik and Sophia

Sophia being very cute

Peering through a Gate at the Kiev Monastery Complex
Locals on a tour of the Monastery Complex

Monastery Steeples Tickle the Sky

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