Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Look at Iasi

My maternal great grandmother, Sura Moskovici is buried somewhere in a Iasi cemetary. And no doubt previous generations smelled the same air, ate the same apples and watched the same sunsets. While it's possible that I have relatives here, I have no idea how to find out who they are or where they might be living. While I constantly pass for a local when approached for directions, I am genetically, but not culturally one of them. In this journey I'm here to explore my bio-geographical roots. Is there something about me that's rooted in this sun, clouds and earth? I spent the afternoon taking pictures...and thinking. There's a huge 21st century overlay in Iasi, it's hardly a city lost in time. There an Apple I-store, loads of chic bars and cafes, endless pizza parlors, and a modern pharmacy on every block. There are also many century old buildings...several just now undergoing renovations.

Founders of Iasi?
Beautiful Flowy Scuplture with Romanian Flag

Steepled Building that might have been part of my

great grandparents geography

Perhaps my grandparents lived in a house like this...

Iasi dogs take a nap

My grandparents lived during Vasile Pogor's time

Modern Sculpture surrounded my contemporary businesses

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